I’ll Never Be Rich!

I like money as much as the next person. On second thought, maybe I don’t since I generally find that I end up getting rid of my money as quickly as I can. Having a teenager and a preteen helps; they’re capable of consuming large quantities of food while simultaneously bemoaning the fact that there’s nothing to eat. I believe they have stock in the local power company because I am constantly finding lights and televisions on with no one in the room. I believe one of my kids is trying to solve global warming by leaving the door to the house open so that the cool air from inside will impact the environment, but I’m not sure which one.

The problem with money is that I don’t like it enough to do the things that are often required to accumulate vast amounts of it. There’s “puffery” in which a seller exaggerates the benefits of the item he is trying to sell. Unfortunately, I can’t tell puffery from bald faced lying. There must be a difference, but no one has been able to explain it to me.

Then, of course, there’s the old fine print and legal mumbo jumbo. It doesn’t really have to be fine print – all you have to do is make the other person believe they know what’s going on when actually everything is going in your favor. You know, things like, “Sorry – your frequent flier points can’t be redeemed for a flight on any day that ends in a “y”.

So the bottom line is that I’m just not willing to do what it takes to get a better bottom line. However, it’s probably just as well.

I don’t think I’d do much different than I do now if I were rich. Maybe take the family a few more places. Maybe get away with the wife for a weekend more often. Maybe spend some more time at home, but that’s pretty much it.

Hey! Does that mean I’m rich already?

One response to “I’ll Never Be Rich!

  1. Rick Martinez

    Hola Steve: I love your most introspective pieces like this one, for example. They’re “rich” in thought and vision, and what not to do. It’s my belief anyone and everyone can be rich in money and have lots of things. Yet, not many of us give much real thought to true prosperity, like loving relationships, peace of mind (freedom from fear, anger and guilt), personal and professional fulfillment, health and wellness, worthy goals and ideals, and what can be described as “financial freedom” rather than “being rich.”

    Please do not see this as a oxymoron, but I had a “genius” Mexican friend.
    We used to drink Tequila together and have wonderful long philosophical
    conversations under drunken auspices. We were like the Mexican version
    of Aristotle and Socrates…sort-of, and we arrived at many conclusions.
    For example, we claimed “if money is a problem and we have no money,
    then–we have no problems.”

    Since he was only this lowly college professor in charge of the medical
    philosophy department at a university here in the Los Angeles are, he always lamented graduated yet uneducated business persons who made fortunes. So, again under drunken auspices, I had the audacity to ask
    him if he would sell his left arm for a million dollars. He said no! I asked
    if he would take $10 million for his left arm? He again said no! After a bit
    of dialogue, we both concluded most of us were rich!

    I could go on about the many years of drunken conversations my good friend and I had. But, perhaps the moral of all of our back and forth on “being rich” is this: If we want to get rich quick, all we need to do is COUNT OUR BLESSINGS!

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