Not the Fastest Learner

CNN story at 12:28 PM EDST 30 July 2012

Man who lost hand to gator charged with illegal feeding


Perhaps the story went something like this…

Age 2 – “No dessert if you don’t eat your peas! Well, maybe just one little cookie.”

Age 5 – “Stop pushing your sister! I really mean it!”

Age 10 – “Look, your homework is already two weeks late, I shouldn’t accept it at all, but I’ll give you a break, one last time.”

Age 16 – “I’m going to let you off with a warning instead of a ticket, but I better never have to pull you over again!”

Age 22 – “I thought when we moved in together you agreed not to see anyone else! I’ll forgive, but I may not forget.”

Age 40 – “I guess everyone is entitled to have a midlife crisis.”

2010 – 2012 “I keep telling you that there’s a big sign that says ‘Do Not Feed the Alligators!'”

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