Alas – More Random Thoughts

Since we know archaeologists are going to be digging through our garbage in a thousand years, shouldn’t we be more picky about what we throw out?

Apparently the US Postal Service has to pay money into a retirement fund for future employees not yet hired. In other words, the mail comes late but their bankruptcy is being funded for the future.

Once upon a time, some relatively normal person looked at a cucumber and said, “I’ll bet this would be better if it were salty and sour. I’ll call it a pickle.”

We tend to solve problems by throwing money at them when usually they need more time and attention. For example, parents’ involvement with their children’s education is far more important than just adding money to the school system. (Isn’t it nice to know that you’re still relevant?)

I firmly believe that as soon as everyone with a screwdriver went out and bought a set of Phillips screwdrivers, the engineers came up with hex, torx and other odd shaped fasteners, each of which required a new set of tools.

On the other hand, it’s pretty hard to improve on a hammer.

Did you ever wonder what kind of person thinks that you really are going to send that e-mail to ten of your friends because the told you to?

How do they maintain quality control at the factory that manufactures whoopee cushions? Is it the volume that matters? The duration? Some other feature?

People worry that the Chinese are going to once again dominate the world. I figure anyone who illegally copies Adam Sandler movies can hardly be considered a threat.


One response to “Alas – More Random Thoughts

  1. good stuff. I shall become a subscriber and look forward to more.

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