Be Practical!

Curiosity, the Mars Rover landed yesterday/early this morning depending on your time zone. The most advanced space robot ever placed on another planet; about the size of an SUV. However, already there are comments about what a waste of time and money it is. Definitely not very practical – perhaps, but only history will tell. Many things we consider successful today might have seemed less inspiring in the past. Here are a few comments that might have been made:

“Uggg, you Neanderthal! Stop drawing those pictures on the cave walls. No one else will ever notice!”

“Hey, Moses, why didn’t you just leave us in Egypt? At least there we had something to eat instead of starving out here in the desert!”

“Look, Jesus, we’ve known you since you were crawling on the floor of your daddy’s carpentry shop. We know your mother, brothers and sisters. You’re no prophet!”

“Da Vinci, don’t waste your time on these stupid inventions. You’re making a good living painting, so stick to the sure thing.”

“Listen, Columbus, give me one good reason why someone should pay for you to sail west in order to go to India. For all you know there might be a whole ‘nother continent between Europe and India. What would you do then?”

“Orville – you and your brother Wilbur need to go back up to Dayton and concentrate on your bicycle shop and stop fooling around down here at Kitty Hawk. Man wasn’t meant to fly!”

“Einstein? What kind of name is that? In any case, no one cares if anything can go faster than light. The fastest we’ve seen any plane or vehicle go is a few hundred miles an hour.”

“President Kennedy, why in the world would we ever want to send an American to the moon AND do so in less than ten years?”

“Cure smallpox? Man has never completely eradicated any disease before – EVER. Besides we’ve been trying for almost 200 years!”


I will close with one of my favorite quotes:

“Some people see things as they are and ask why. I see things as they can be and ask, why not?”

  • Robert F. (Bobby) Kennedy

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