Doonesbury Inspired

I may not agree with everything Garry Trudeau puts into “Doonesbury,” but I do follow it religiously. Today’s strip got me wondering…

If college athletic programs bring in so much money and are so important, why don’t for-profit colleges have football teams?

Or do regular Universities charge the College of Business with doing a little “creative accounting” to justify million dollar stadiums and coaches?

Just wondering.

3 responses to “Doonesbury Inspired

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  2. Wow, that IS interesting. Obviously different business model, makes you wonder what happens to all those athletes after college. I wonder what degree programs they generally follow? Probably not terminal degrees, that prepare you for an actual job, like physical therapy, nursing, business/accounting, engineering, etc. I am powerfully curious now how many graduate with “General Studies” Bachelor of Arts, and end up selling cars? Like Arsenio Hall used to say, ‘Makes you say ‘Hmmm….’ “.

    • Joe,
      I wanted to print up Tee Shirts that say, “I went to the University of Toledo and all I got was the skills to earn a living.”

      Sometimes the prestige of the institution or its athletic program overshadows the fact that colleges and universities are there to provide an education.

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