Daily Archives: August 17, 2012

One Thing About Bloggers

I was reading a technical website concerning a piece of software, and there were a number of negative comments. In this case, an individual had written a program that was kind of a “Swiss Army Knife” that did all kinds of neat and useful things. Best of all, he shared it for free. After a number of years, his interests turned toward a different area of the technology and he stopped writing updates for it. In most cases, this would mean that the software die – it would remain at the final version until people stopped using it. Fortunately, this program was so good that a commercial software company purchased the rights and have added a number of improvements. Not surprisingly, they sell it rather than giving it away.

Hence the negative comments.

On the other hand, among the blogs that I frequent, bloggers tend to be collegial with one another. Comments are encouraging or helpful in most cases. Now we may be irreverent with our humor, but we remain courteous to one another.

I like that.

Thank you.