Daily Archives: August 20, 2012

Comment on News Story Comments

Every once in a while I scroll down too far on a web news story and see the comments.


It’s like not watching where you’re going and stepping into dog droppings – every time I do, I wish I hadn’t.


The anonymity of the internet certainly lets people display their true colors for all to see. The very nicest thing that can be said about many of them is that they’re sometimes wrong, but never in doubt. And I mean NEVER! I’m sure that if there was a story on Vegetarian Lithuanian Barber Shop Quartets, these same people would have an opinion they would feel compelled to share.


The biggest question I have is – who are these people who have the time and the inclination to comment, then comment on others’ comments, then comment on the response to their comments. I have a life, so I have to make time to write this blog – and there are often things that are more important, such as cheering on my daughter this past weekend. I can’t imagine having so much time with nothing to do.


I suppose they could be among the idle rich, but if I were independently wealthy, I can guarantee I’d fritter away my time in a much more enjoyable fashion.


I know they aren’t students on summer break; 1) they are too busy sleeping, eating, texting and getting together and; 2) they wouldn’t waste their time on the news.


If they’re people who have been impacted by the economy and are out of work (been there, done that) wouldn’t the time be better spent in other ways. Go to a job interview with THAT attitude and you’ll remain in the same straits.


So, here are my suggestions for alternative uses of the time spent sending acid tongued comments to the masses on the internet news sites:


1. Learn to play the guitar – everybody in this country knows someone who has one they’re not using.

2. Read. Start with a book on manners – you’d be amazed at what you’re missing.

3. Read the Bible. If you were amazed by the etiquette book, you’ll be shocked by this.

4. Go for a walk or a bike ride. Using your electric product from the scooter store or a wheel chair counts.

5. Think of something positive and uplifting to write.


Okay, I confess – that last one truly was a “bridge too far.”