Twenty-First Century Attic

In comic strips, periodically the characters are shown in the attic, and like the stereotypical island with one palm tree, the comic strip attic has certain requirements. There is a steamer trunk, a dressmakers’ mannequin and usually a tennis racket. Ukuleles are optional.

My attic is not up to standard.

However, I don’t mind since the twenty first century attic is like almost everything this century – virtual.

My wife’s computer started acting up a while back so we got a replacement. Even with Microsoft Windows “Easy File Transfer,” you never get the new computer to accept all of the transferred information and it never performs the way that you got used to with the previous one. As such, she still has some things that cannot be done with the new computer and has pieces parts of essential functions on both computers.

Add to that the fact that operating systems in general, and Windows in particular have this habit of getting corrupted over time. This is a particular problem if you load iTunes – almost as if the rivalry between the late Steve Jobs and Bill Gates is continuing. Add iTunes and the computer is never quite the same, and removing iTunes takes special incantations that may also bring down fire from the heavens, plagues of locusts and irrecoverable registry errors.

Can you guess where I’m going?

For my birthday I got a new iPod. I have a 4 year old iPod Nano, but I like a wide selection of music so I wanted a plain old Classic with 160 Gb of memory. I hooked it up to the computer and – let’s just say that when it comes to corrupting a computer the malevolent hackers in formerly Communist countries cannot hold a candle to iTunes when it comes to wholesale destruction.

I’m trying to back up my computer and reload Windows so I can use my computer and my new iPod. Twice now it has said that the disk I’m trying to save to is not large enough. I’m trying a 2 terabyte drive, but am not confident. I figured I should shed some files so I started looking around my virtual attic:

  • Every download since 2009
  • Document files from my job search starting in 2009 through 2011
  • Gazillions of soccer pictures (although everything before 2012 is on another drive and DVD.)
  • Music files I downloaded; these are the sheet music for church (@ about $2.50 a pop) and chords for popular music.
  • Graphic files I use for the blog, homemade cards, etc.

Oh, and there appears to be a virtual steamer trunk, dressmaker’s mannequin and a ukulele.

One response to “Twenty-First Century Attic

  1. Steve, I am with you on iTunes. Built a new computer last spring, will NOT put iTunes on it for the reasons you mentioned. I sync my iPod using Mediamonkey, love it. By the way, I’ve been told that sacrificing a PC in front of Apple’s Headquarters may help…. a little. Sigh. Good luck, Joe

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