Over the weekend I did several things. There was church and soccer, of course. I fought with my computer; the computer won, so I’m erasing everything and starting from scratch. I also built a small electronic kit.

Building something is so much more satisfying than almost anything else. Writing is okay, but ideas are ethereal, not concrete. Repairing things provides some satisfaction, but a perfect repair returns an item to its former state while building something, no matter how small, results in the existence of something new.

In my younger days I would have rushed through the process. When I was a child, model airplanes were hurriedly assembled – no patience to paint the parts before assembly. Forget using a toothpick to precisely apply glue – just squeeze the tube in the general direction. The clear canopy was soon an opaque mess of fingerprints. However, it was done quickly.

Somewhere I got a little more patient or perhaps more easily fatigued. I did some work on Friday, a little more on Saturday and Sunday and then got to the point where some testing was recommended. I knew to do it properly I needed a certain tool that I could not locate. I ordered one and will wait until it arrives before I continue.

An old joke says, “I can do it quick, cheap or correct. Pick one.” I think I understand that much better these days.

[Note: Bill Waterson has a great “Calvin & Hobbes” Sunday strip that would go great with this. Real Calvin & Hobbes fans know which one I mean. However, I do try to respect copyrights…]

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