Daily Archives: September 14, 2012

Sorry – Freedom Isn’t Free

It’s easy to forget this. It’s even harder to learn it the first time.

The news is filled with stories about countries that have recently undergone changes, particularly as part of the “Arab Spring” (now in its second or third year – depending on how you count.) There is one fundamental issue that appears to have not been accepted.

For every right, there is a commensurate responsibility.

If you have the right to speak freely, you have the responsibility to extend that right to others.

Sorry, but that’s how it works. No matter who you are.


I understand that it offends some peoples’ sensibilities to burn the Koran. It offends my sensibilities to burn the American flag. However, it is the protection of the freedom of expression of those with whom you vehemently disagree that is important. Protecting the rights of only those with whom you agree has a name. It is called censorship.

Killing everyone with who you disagree does not lead to freedom. Being willing to die to protect their freedom is what it takes.

So to the citizens of the world, I offer this message. Freedom isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t free. When you are willing to give your life to defend the rights of others, you’re ready. It’s a hefty price. If you aren’t prepared to pay the price, then you aren’t ready for it.

Like I said, “Sorry, but that’s how it works.”

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