Jesus’ Wife

A scrap of paper written in the fourth century has the words “Jesus” and “wife” on the same scrap – and the media is on it like a school of piranha on a wayward cow. (If you don’t relate to piranha – think a dozen teenage boys when a pizza arrives.) Why, this is bigger than the ossuary that supposedly contained Jesus’ bones – but, oops, that was a fake.

Does it really say “Eggs, milk, flour?”

In this politically motivated, spin doctored world, one might suspect that there are those who believe that eliminating Jesus as a Divine Being would make secular life so much easier. Can you say agenda?

Let’s put this into perspective.

If today, in 2012, I were to write on a teeny tiny scrap of paper that John Adams was actually quite the party animal and we hid that paper for 1700 years, would it be accepted as (excuse the pun) Gospel? I certainly hope not.

On the other hand, if in a millennium and a half someone finds all my semi encrypted notes to remind me of my plethora of computer passwords, Heaven only knows what they’d make of those.

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