Daily Archives: September 30, 2012


Sorry to be tied up with other things. We still don’t know how my mother will do.

My brother related a story to me while I was up north. He pulled up to an intersection with a stop sign. A woman was in the car ahead of him, stopped at that stop sign. He saw a pedestrian approaching and assumed that she was waiting on him.

He waited.

The pedestrian crossed.

The woman remained immobile at the stop sign.

He tapped his horn. The woman didn’t respond. The pedestrian, however, pointed at the car, held his hands up together and moved his thumbs to indicate that the woman was texting.

My brother honked his car horn more enthusiastically.

The woman held up her phone and pointed to it to indicate that she was busy texting.

Note to clueless people: “Don’t text and drive means driving takes priority – not texting.”