If it’s Saturday (or Sunday) it must be soccer!

(There’s supposed to be a picture here, but the computer gods are angry.  I’ll try to upload a file 96 times, but after that, even we obsessive-compulsive types say, “Fugedaboutit!”)

The hard part is splitting up the parents so that each child gets equal attention. However, the adults also like to divide up the really long driving trips.

Without meaning to, my kids quote Tommy Smothers – “Mom always liked you best!”

I quote another of his lines, “Oh yeah! – That’s my snappy comeback!”

We long ago realized that juggling the kids’ activities makes for the perfectly designed no-win scenario. So we just divvy things up the best we can and try to enjoy the events.

I take pictures at whichever game I attend and post them on the team website. I may have mentioned it before, but I put myself through school shooting wedding pictures. Since it was a “job” I stopped taking pictures for enjoyment. Fortunately, after letting my photographic muse lie fallow for 30 years, I started enjoying it again.

Tonight after winning one and tying one, with a shot at the championship, my daughter’s team ate dinner together while most the parents went out for Mexican. I elected to edit 700 pictures from 2 games down to 120-ish. I then cropped and posted them on the websites. Since I’m in a hotel, I didn’t have my Photoshop available to me and had to use the minimal online tools (Complain, complain, complain). However, I did have a nice cup of tomato basil bisque, a ciabatta hamburger with Swiss cheese and some wine, so all in all it was okay.

I’ve never been very good at being a sports nut. However, I make up for it by being a nut about my children, so it works, no matter how you slice it.

It’s getting late. My pictures are posted. I’ve written my blog. Katie is watching Netflix on her computer.

All is right with the world.

One response to “Goooooaaaallllll!!!!!

  1. Life is good, isn’t it, Steve?!! Thanks for your role in it. L

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