Daily Archives: October 21, 2012

Dog Days

As you know, yesterday I wrote about 2 of the four cats of the apocalypse. How they reign terror and destruction.

I didn’t anticipate the possibilitly that the dog could read.

I never discussed the fact that I had written about the cats. There’s no way he could have overheard a discussion. Nevertheless, somehow he seems to have known.

His response?

He ate my ham radio antenna.

Actually, not the whole antenna, just the coax and RF isolator (don’t worry about knowing what each is – the fact is he knocked me off the air.)

Bottom line – in a fit of pique after seeing the cats being featured, he decided to strike back, and an effective strike it was.

After the cats’ and dog’s actions, I plan on disconnecting all the telephone lines as pre-emptive effort before the parrot calls someone and creates significant issues. If the police, fire department or a semi-tractor trailed load of pistachios show up, it will be the third phase of the pets-against-me-attack.

Don’t be fooled by the innocent expression.

Wish me luck.