Daily Archives: October 25, 2012


Wouldn’t it seem that somewhere at some time someone who encountered a porcupine would have the quills hit just the right acupuncture point so that he wouldn’t feel any pain?

When I was a kid, after sending the two box tops and fifty cents, I’d wait seemingly forever for my treasure to arrive from Battle Creek, Michigan. Now, thanks to computers, bar code scanners and the internet I can track my package. Right now I’m tracking one that accidently went to Richmond and has been floating around over there for almost a week. (Apparently neither people nor the optical scanners read the actual address, just the bar code.) Thanks to technology I no longer have to say “I think they screwed up!” Now I can say with absolute certainty, “They screwed up!”

If you worked in a plant where the made hand sanitizer, would you need to wash your hands before lunch?

As you walk through the frozen food section of the supermarket, did you ever realize that all those microwavable meals are actually mass produced leftovers?

The US Postal Service is actively trying to attract more junk mail when we’re already inundated with spam through e-mail. All this marketing and we end up with the worst economy in years.

Does anyone have pleasant dreams about feasting on healthy foods?

Have you ever felt sorry for Bette Nesmith Graham the woman who invented white-out? A multimillion dollar industry that was wiped out by the computer? (Actually she sold the business for $47.5 million shortly before she died. For the whole story, click here.)