Daily Archives: November 5, 2012

Crawling to Safety

The vast wasteland lay before me as though an eternity. I knew to stay in one spot meant certain death and there was nothing behind me so I decided to crawl forward. I was long past walking. I had tried to sleep in what shelter I could find and move when I could do so unnoticed, but so far it hadn’t seemed to do me much good.

By sheer willpower I continued on. Many times I let my head drop, but knew if I gave up for a moment I would give up completely. I was thankful for the numbness for I knew if I could feel, the pain would be unbearable.

What was that ahead? A glimmer of hope? Could I keep going.

I had to.

If I could, I might have a shot at surviving – a small chance, but I had to shoot for it.

Yesterday I would have welcomed death to save me from this torment but today I continued on, knowing if I could last just a few more hours the political ads would stop. The robocalls would no longer haunt me. The hate that filled the air would subside.

I dragged myself forward toward the light.