Modern Advances

Technology! It brings us so many things, yet does it truly make things better?

Handwritten letters in the mail had a personality of their own, but all e-mails look alike.



I used to like to fill the bathtub with warm water and luxuriate in it with a book or magazine. Now I get my books and magazines on my Kindle.

Can’t read a Kindle or a Nook much less an iPad in a bathtub.

I used to love to go for a Sunday drive with my parents and see parts of the area that I normally didn’t see. Now I rely on my GPS, and if something catches my interest I hear,

“When possible make a legal U-Turn…”

Of course, when my kids reach my age, they’ll be telling their grandchildren, “We used to stay in touch with our best friends by smartphone, all day and half the night…”

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