Seeking Unindicted Co-conspirators

Now that I have your attention…


If you study ancient history and old texts, you may have heard of a novel written in 1969 that was deliberately written to be as awful as possible. Each chapter was written by a different author.

It was awful.

Any good writing was edited out to make it even more awful.

It contained a lot of sex.

It became a best seller.

The authors disclosed the hoax.

It sold many more copies because the hoax made it even more intriguing.

Now I have no desire to write something awful, but I thought it might be fun for me to start a story, introducing the characters and the general scene, then pass that on to another author to write the next chapter, etc.

Each chapter would be published on this blog, although any authors who agree to participate could either link to this blog and/or publish the entire work on their own blog. I figure each “chapter” would be about 300 – 1000 words, just to make it easy.

If you’re interested, let me know either by comment or by e-mail ( I’d like to line up who’s interested first so we’d know how many chapters we’d be writing.

If you’re a regular reader but not interested in personally contributing, you could cheer others on and convince them to volunteer.

On the other hand, if you’re a regular reader and have no interest in this whatsoever, not even in the slightest, here’s the thought for the day…

You get up in the morning and stop at Starbucks for a coffee and see the inevitable tip jar. You catch the subway to work and pass a street musician playing, his guitar case open in front of him to collect tips. Maybe you’re in the service or retired military, so you shop at the Commissary; there are signs that remind you that the people who bag the groceries work only for tips. At dinner you tip the waitperson. Since you had a few adult beverages, you take a cab home, and tip to cab driver. You stay at a hotel and you tip the chambermaid.

Given the current state of affairs would it surprise you to find a tip jar at your doctor’s or lawyer’s office?

How much of a tip would you leave?

Now, comparatively speaking, don’t you wish you had been more interested in contributing a chapter to the story?

3 responses to “Seeking Unindicted Co-conspirators

  1. The art of prose does not come easy to all. You have a gift for it. tips for lawyers and doctors would be insulting to them. Tipping is for good service, Just like going to the coffee shop and seeing the giant tip mug. 30 seconds of service. I’m not rich ,but I tip where appropriate, Servers don’t always get minimum wage. I do understand that plight.

    • Tom,
      Good points, all – and thanks for the compliment.

      As far as doctors and lawyers, although I don’t suspect they’d ever have a tip jar, hospitals have “Development Departments” that raise additional monies through donations, fund raisers and endowments. Hospitals also have to cost shift – charge more for the high tech procedures to offset the less exotic (and less well reimbursed ones.) When I was younger and had thoughts of going into law, lawyers were prohibited from advertising, and the only ones who could “specialize” were patent lawyers. It used to be that lawyers could count on making a basic living from wills, basic contracts and such. Now those are handled by the paralegals. The highly skilled litigators do very well. The “Mom and Pop” (used to be “Pop & Son”) lawyers have a tough time. But then the Juris Doctor degree is sometimes referred to as “the MBA of the 21st century” – the degree to open doors to the business world.
      It’s a crazy world – but I guess that’s what makes it so interesting.

  2. Count me in for the “cheering others on” part. Since I don’t write fiction, anything I would attempt to contribute would be beyond awful. Looking forward to reading the results. Best of luck!

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