Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve and most of us are lucky enough to be anticipating tomorrow. Christmas should be a time of anticipation, after all it started as the answer to centuries of prayer. In some ways, it’s okay to anticipate Christmas for any reason, it’s like the first step on an important journey.

So, as we anticipate Christmas here, we just returned from visiting friends and are sitting as a family watching “The Santa Clause.” Last night was “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Heavenly Father, thank you for Christmas and a great family to enjoy it with. I know family is important to you because you shared your Son with us.

2 responses to “Christmas Eve

  1. Thank you snoflake
    [it’s easy for me to say that I live in Florida]

    I am in AWE this time of year. To think that the God who Created everything
    would become a HELPLESS baby, reliant on mere human “parents.”

    HOW can this be; yet it is and the answer is a “four letter word”


    Have a Blessed and Joy filled Christmans


  2. Christmas is not an important feast for God, because it is an heathen feast for the goddess of light or the god of light in other cultures. In case people really want to celebrate the birth of Christ they would do it better on the day when Jesus (Jeshua) was born (in October).
    The only feast God wants us to celebrate is the remembrance of the beginning of the exodus out of Egypt and the day that the son of God, Jesus, installed the New Covenant, on Nisan 14 or Pescha/Pascha or Passover.

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