Daily Archives: January 3, 2013

Never Enough

On a regular basis, particularly on weekends, I wake up with a whole list of things that I intend to accomplish. As you probably expect, I never quite get through all of them. I then proceed to feel badly because of all the things I haven’t gotten done.


I really need to concentrate on the fact that I got some of them done, instead of worrying about what I didn’t accomplish.

"The Untouchables", 1987

“The Untouchables”, 1987

I think it was in the movie “The Untouchables” with Kevin Costner as Elliott Ness and Sean Connery as the street wise Chicago beat cop, where there’s a great interchange. They met on a bridge, with Connery suspicious of Costner, at first thinking he was going to jump, then noticing that Costner was carrying a gun. Costner explained that he was a Treasury Agent, and Connery walked away. Costner then chastises him for turning his back on a man he knows is armed. (I’m getting to my point – really.) Connery explains that no one in Chicago would ever claim to be a Treasury Agent unless he really was. Connery then asks what Costner is going to do.

“I’m going home to my family,” he replies.

Connery then says, “Every day that should be your goal. To go home to your family at the end of the day.”

So in light of that, I’m going to worry more about being with my family at the end of the day, rather than getting everything on my to-do list accomplished.