Not So Guilty Feeling

Sometimes on the weekend, I just want to kick back.  Problem is I’d feel guilty.

Today, I did pretty much that. I figure that if God wanted to rest after He finished creation, he was setting an example for all of us.


So I puttered, played, and didn’t worry about what I’d accomplish.

Interestingly I accomplished a couple of the hobby type things that had been on my list forever, without even meaning to.

Makes you wonder how successful we’d be if we followed all His other examples.

2 responses to “Not So Guilty Feeling

  1. Food for thought hey! As far as rest is concerned, we need it. That’s why God allocated one day in a week for just that – rest. Use it and don’t ever feel guilty about it. You have a responsibility towards the body God entrusted you with – resting is part of looking after it. May you have a wonderful week!

  2. Awesome Insight my friend,

    Thank you!


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