You really have to be careful about counterfeit products these days. Naturally such big ticket items as Rolex watches and Coach Handbags have been targeted for many years. But today, cheap knockoffs are made to look like the elite brands at all product levels.

In some cases, the knockoffs are forgeries. In other cases, the con artists try to make just enough of a distinction to have semi-plausible deniability.

This morning I opened up the after shave that my wife had given me for Christmas- my usual brand. When I splashed some on, the smell was not at all what I expected.

I looked at the green bottle. Instead of “Polo” it said “Pollo.”

So all day long I had to listen to people say that I smell like a chicken burrito.

One response to “Counterfeit

  1. YEA BUT;

    Taco Bell does very well with that smell

    It could have been “RUBBER-chicken”

    God Bless

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