Why Have Kids?


The other day my younger son asked me why I decided to have kids.

Tough question.

Once upon a time kids were an economic benefit. Kids, especially boys, provided a work force for the farm or the herd. Why pay for workers when you can just make them?

However, once we left the farm and moved to modern cities and suburbs, economically that advantage disappeared.

So why DID I decide to have kids?

Actually, when I was younger, I was scared that I’d have a handicapped child. My oldest, in fact, is profoundly handicapped. Interestingly, just before she was born I finished my 24 months in Radiologic Technology, and was trained and more importantly mentally prepared for many of the things that her care would require. Especially the yucky stuff.

Funny how that worked out – you’d think some higher power was involved.

My older son was in high school and I was raising him as a single parent when I met my wife. I thought that my daddy days were coming to a close. Instead we married and decided to have a family.

Funny how THAT worked out – you’d think some higher power was involved.

Which got me thinking – the reason my wife and I decided to have kids was because we wanted to share. Share what we had, but more importantly to share our love.

I guess that desire to share is why God decided to make us – for someone to share with. He set the example for us to follow.

And that’s why we had kids.

3 responses to “Why Have Kids?

  1. It is truly amazing to look back and see all God has done in my life. It makes me love Him even more. Taking time to reflect on all He has done is helpful in making us thankful and in building our faith. What a blessing you can see how God prepared you for what would lie ahead.

  2. You’re right about kids as “ranch hands,” Steve. As I’ve perhaps told you over the years, there were 13 of us: 7 brothers and 6 sisters, and I had to run away from home to attend college. Dad, a farmer, believed that college was for lazy persons–those who wanted to get away from work.

    Yet, I remember when most of us were very young and we knew it was about time for dad to come home. We’d go to the windows and watch for his pick-up truck to turn the corner and pull up. Then we’d scream out with great excitement, “Dad’s home,” and we’d all run and hide. I wonder who had more fun…us as children, or dad?

    Why do have children? To create “home.” If children, parents and home don’t make sense, nothing will. Where we love is home –-where our feet may leave, but not our hearts. Home is not only where we live, it’s where we love. Home is where we’re caught when we fall. Subconsciously, children “see” home as a “refrigerator of plenty.” And upon “thanksgiving”
    the heart always finds its way home. Children and home is where our history begins.

    With respect to our children, I believe we often mistake who’s greater…the gift giver, or the person who allows the giver to give. Here’s what I mean in a ’round about story. There’s something called the Peter Principle: Persons who are competent are continually promoted to positions of incompetence.
    That was me! I was a sharp young, “technical” doc, so they promoted me
    director of an emergency room at age 25. Well, a young 15 year old girl who had just delivered a Down’s Syndrome baby was sent to our ER, and she was very, very upset, screaming “Why me?”

    Well, since I was so young, no experience and, in fact, incompetent–an elder Hispanic woman called out me in Spanish and said, “Doctor, please
    tell that girl there’s very special reason why that baby was born like that
    and even more important, why she was given to her. That baby was sent to her by God, Himself, and that baby will forever more be sinless. That girl
    has been blessed with a baby who will never sin.”

    It’s the most beautiful and most consoling thought for us to remember:
    The Most High says His children are born to be the most blessed!

  3. Yep; not to mention that is God’s primary purpose for the sacrament of marriage.

    I think it’s God’s way of repaying us for the sacrifices of our parents.

    God Bless,


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