After yesterday’s post…

My son was playing football at a friend’s house, got clunked in the head and his vision got blurry, so we spent the evening in the Emergency Department.

Everything checked out okay.

However, I’m not focused on blogging, today, for some reason.

Hope to write something tomorrow.

5 responses to “Kids

  1. See, Steve! Kids know how to give us–your friends–a break too!
    I’m glad all is well, and that mom and dad are back to wellness too!
    Continued blessings…r

  2. Steve,
    I hope your son is OK. You have a long night watching over him . Take care.

  3. Understand completely;

    Our son was in an all-star BB game; playing shortstop and went for a hard hit grounder that hit a pebble, bounced weirly and hit him in the temple. Knocked him out cold, THANK GOD he too was OK.

    Your doing good; and have the right priorities.

    God Bless you all,


  4. Ugh! Keep us apprised of this, Steve. L

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