Blogging is Different

Blogging is different from many other technological applications. It’s meant to be shared.

It’s kind of like how music used to be.

Most of today’s marvels act to separate and isolate us.


Sitting at the table at the restaurant texting someone who is somewhere else (ignoring the people around them, as well.)

Playing Angry Birds on my iPod, iPad, iPhone, or iWant to be alone.

Listening to music, all by myself with my earbuds blocking out everything and everybody.

Driving with 90% of my concentration devoted to the cell phone. (I wonder when some people die, if the mortician will have trouble releasing their arm from the cellphone-to-the-ear pose. Maybe they’ll just make specially shaped caskets…)

On the other hand, blogs allow us to communicate across both time and space.

To share ideas.

To share a joke and laugh together.

Thanks for letting me share.

2 responses to “Blogging is Different

  1. It’s ironic though for many though, isn’t it? At least, for me it is.
    Or is this what you’d call a paradox?
    I started using my cellphone as a means of communicating with others, but instead, I ended up using it for my own personal entertainment, and even with communicating with others with my cell, my real life relationships have taken up a lesser part of my life.
    And yet, I don’t feel comfortable just giving that up, and going back to semi analogue. (as I know I don’t have the self control to not use my cell for music, Twitter, the internet in general….)

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