Pope Benedict XVI


Today the Pope shocked the world with the announcement that he will vacate his position at the end of the month. Opinions and commentary abound.

My thought is that all things fit God’s will. I have no idea where this will end, but I am confident that the outcome will be subservient to His will.

That’s a comforting thought.

2 responses to “Pope Benedict XVI

  1. That’s true. I did feel abandoned yesterday, but your post as made me remember that nothing happens without God’s will!

  2. What a beautiful and profound post, Steve. If only the news media would have had the same insight…instead of wanting to be “news.”

    I also believe Pope Benedict is an example to all of us of something important: There’s a time in life when it’s okay and it’s right and even good to “step aside.” Others can bring us UP, and others can certainly bring us DOWN. But only we can make the choice to “step aside.”

    The media made a big thing about a Pope not resigning like Pope Benedict for some 600 years. Well I can’t recall even one instance in history of any great leader ever “stepping aside” before they were ousted…before the leader said to themselves, “I’m in my… anecdotage!”

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