Today’s Prayer


We see in the Bible Jesus taking time and finding someplace quiet in order to pray. It’s a safe bet that prayer was part of His daily routine.

What might His prayer been like on this particular day many years ago?

“Well, Father, it starts soon. At sunset tonight it will be Thursday and …, well, let’s not talk about that until We have to. Today is My last normal day.

“I’ve tried to be a devoted son. I have spent my life among your Chosen People. I’ve reached out to Your other children, too, but I tried to do it in a way that didn’t minimize Your love of the Jews.

“It has been both strange and wonderful to spend My time here. Some of these people are really, really special, and it has been a joy to have spent my time with them. John has been a very good friend. I’m planning on asking him to look after My mother. Peter will be a great manager after, well, in the future.

“I plan on sharing the Passover preparation with my closest disciples tomorrow. Your special feast to share with those who have been special to Me. I’m focusing on the good things and trying not to dwell on what follows.

“Please, Father, let me enjoy my last normal day, if that is your will, and give me the strength for what I need to do after that.

“I love you, Father, and I know you love Me. For a few more hours, I am going to celebrate your love and the love of my friends. I’m afraid that when we talk tomorrow, I’ll be completely distracted by the task ahead of me. But for now, just know that Your Son loves you.”

One response to “Today’s Prayer

  1. What a beautiful rendition of Jesus’ Agony in the Garden, as He contemplated what He knew was to come, and He asked, “Father, if it be your will let this cup pass me by.” Also, at the Last Supper, Jesus said something rather important: “Remember Me.”

    I got my Medical License at age 20, 7 months before I could legally write a prescription for all meds. So, I decided to volunteer to go to Viet Nam for those months and serve there. Yes, I learned a lot about medicine, but I learned one massive thing about how to explain why Jesus died for us, our sins, and etermnal LIFE. Here’s a true story.

    Ten American soldiers were prisoners of war, and were put to hard
    road labor. When the Viet Cong believed there was a shovel missing,
    they told the prisoners that unless the shovel was found within 10
    minutes, they would kill someone every minute thereafter. After a
    few moments, none of the American prisoners spoke up because no
    one had any knowledge of the missing shovel. Then, just before the
    tenth minute, one soldier stepped forward–not because he was guilty–
    rather “to assume the accusation of guilt” so none of his fellow American
    soldiers would be killed. He was shot to death. When they arrived back
    to the POW camp, the Vietnamese found the lost shovel.

    This story is somewhat like the story of Jesus. Jesus stepped forward
    to suffer and die for us, …not because He was guilty of anything, rather
    “to assume the accusation of guilt” and save us from eternal death of sin.
    But, most of all, to give us ETERNAL LIFE beginning on Easter Sunday!

    And, you know what Jesus asks of us? “Remember Me.”

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