“Doubting” Thomas

Today’s gospel was about Thomas, and how he didn’t believe the other apostles when they said they had seen Jesus risen from the dead.

Thomas was not an ingrate or an embarrassment. He was a realist. The last time Thomas had seen Jesus, He was being led away to be executed. Now Thomas’ friends are claiming that they’ve seen Jesus.

As they say, “When you’re dead, you’re dead.”

I’m sure that Thomas would have been ecstatic to hear how at the last minute, Jesus had escaped. How He had cheated the Pharisees out of their plans and plots. But to hear that Jesus had returned from the dead?

Sorry, just doesn’t happen.

Abraham? Sorry. Moses? Nope. David? No can do. Elijah? Isaiah? Not quite. God’s people are special, but death is a given.

Thomas was the one who challenged the whole resurrection situation on behalf of all of us who were to follow.

We don’t have to doubt because he did. His response? He proclaimed Jesus as “My Lord and my God.”

He asked the question then he provided the answer.

Thanks, Thomas.

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