From the Tiniest to the Greatest


One of the cases before the Supreme Court is to determine whether a company can patent its ability to identify a couple of genes and their potential for predicting cancer. Big money. Big deal.

Let’s ignore the legal aspects, and focus, for just a minute on the philosophical.

A gene is a tiny, tiny part of DNA.

DNA is a tiny, tiny part of a chromosome

A chromosome is a tiny, tiny part of a cell.

A cell is a tiny, tiny part of an organ.

An organ is only part of a system.

A system is only part of the human body.

The human body is only a part of what we call a person.

If this company claims a unique and beneficial capability because of a gene, imagine just how unique and beneficial a Creator who made all this happen. The genes, the DNA, the chromosomes, the cells, the organs the systems, the human. Then He put everything in the right place on the right planet in the right solar system under just the right circumstances.

Now THAT’s a big deal!

One response to “From the Tiniest to the Greatest

  1. well written, very concise and specific! The Universe is quite a place!!!

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