Cowards & Heroes

Although I am trying to stick to more upbeat topics, I just have to comment on some recent news.

The bombing at the Boston Marathon was horrific. It is the sign of a spineless weasel totally without honor to plan and carry out such an act. Hiding. Sneaking. Hurting innocent people, then running away.

The same type of spineless and dishonorable weasel who would rape a young girl and post the pictures on the internet.

I have no use for such cowardly slime.

Thank God, there is another side to the story. In Boston, before the smoke had cleared, people – good people ran toward rather than from the scene to help. Some fashioned tourniquets from belts. Others grabbed a piece of cloth and applied pressure; when no cloth was available, they stanched bleeding with their bare hands. They carried people. They saw what was needed and provided whatever help they could.

To those people, I say thank you, and God bless you.

2 responses to “Cowards & Heroes

  1. Enjoyed how you wrote about the other side to the Boston bombing. It’s one thing to talk about the terror of the bomb, but to note the bravery and quick thinking of those near the scene to do what they could to alleviate the unnecessary suffering and ultimately save lives is quite another side to the whole situation, and message about the human population we don’t always publicize.

  2. We used to be proud to SAY we are American. And not just those of us who were born here, but those who arrived here from all areas of the world. We were a grateful people. Today it seems only the older Americans are proud of America, and not only say so but would argue with those who didn’t have reason to believe it.

    Today we have two factions who are terrorizing the inside of our country: Those who are born here but are apparently not getting what they want, and those from the outside who simply hate America and Americans for not believing what they believe. These “animals” use terror and terroristic tactics that kill and injure innocent people believing they can bully their message into our society. Unfortunately, what they don’t know is that “terrorism is the classic weapon of the weak,” and Americans-of-old always remember America is a Christian nation–and we pray BEFORE we take counter-action and get into battle mode: We are on our knees long before these “crazies” do their dirty work and the hour of battle. That’s why they ultimately fail, and Americans and America ultimately succeeds and lives on.

    Abraham Lincoln was right: America will never be destroyed from the outside: If we falter and lose, it will be because we destroy ourselves.

    That wasn’t visible in Boston, That wasn’t visible on 9-11. And that won’t ever be visible if we believe and SAY out loud we’re proud to be American.
    There will be no place or tolerance for these “beasts” to make their bombs.
    American eyes and ears will be open to expose them for what and who they are. I’m American and I’m mad as hell!

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