Random Musings on Reincarnation

I really, really looked

for an appropriate illustration

but none of them were funny!



I don’t happen to believe in reincarnation, but the concept presents some interesting situations.

If you’re reincarnated, does deja vu feel different?

Could you be charged for 300 years overdue fines on the library book you lost in a previous life?

If you’re married in this life and have an affair with your spouse from a previous life, is it wrong?

If in a previous life you left everything to yourself in a next life, would you have to pay tax on the inheritance?

The worst thing of all?

All through whichever life you’re living, you’d know that when you come back you’d have to eat those awful tasting baby foods and suffer from diaper rash, all over again.

2 responses to “Random Musings on Reincarnation

  1. You ‘re starting to sound like George Carlan, But what about coming back as someone whom has to learn a few of life’s lessons to atone for pass transgressions. A humble remake as it were.

    • I confess.
      My high school and early college days were colored by George Carlin. We parted philosophically for a while, but along with the Ernie Kovacs, Smothers Brothers, (early) Woody Allen, Lenny Bruce and Firesign Theatre, the die was cast (sigh). Sometimes I just need to laugh and want to share it with others, so I go back to my roots.

      Besides, last time I checked, the Carlin spot was vacant!

      have a great one!


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