Mothers’ Day Message

Yesterday was my first Mothers’ Day after the loss of my own mother. It was very strange not picking out a card for her or hearing her voice on the phone.

Regular readers may remember that when she died, I wrote about how she loved hummingbirds. If there was a tchotchke in the shape of a hummingbird, she had it. I had decided back then to plant some hummingbird friendly flowers in a particular part of the front garden. One of the kids’ schools had a fundraiser with “seed blankets;” you know, “just lay on the ground, cover with a little soil and in a matter of weeks you’ll enjoy the flowers.” I planted several of the seed blankets, including one for the hummingbird garden.

So far, nothing.

Mothers’ Day morning it was cold and raining. As I was leaving for church, I looked across the yard, and there was a hummingbird hovering over my neighbors’ flowers.

As soon as I saw it, it flew away.

Happy Mothers’ Day, Mom.

3 responses to “Mothers’ Day Message

  1. im so sorry for your loss. hugs. this is a beautiful tribute 🙂

    • Thank you. However, life is a journey, and I think the hummingbird let me know that my mother’s travels are complete. It was a nice message.

  2. Beautiful story. So sorry for your loss.

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