Help Wanted – Philosophers


Why don’t we have many philosophers anymore? Perhaps it’s because thinking is no longer a treasured process.

Where are today’s Socrates and Platos?

Too many people want to listen to others who mirror their own beliefs. Liberals want to listen to liberals and conservatives want to listen to conservatives.

A philosopher, on the other hand, wants to hear different perspectives on an idea and then ponder what the benefits and detriments to that idea are. This si why freedom of speech and freedom of the press are so important – to ensure we are aware of the opposing view.

Imagine if we as a species preferred to think rather than accept a 15 second sound bite as sufficient.

Imagine how interesting our conversations would be.

Imagine how our government would be.

I’m going to go and ponder that for a while.

2 responses to “Help Wanted – Philosophers

  1. I’ve always loved contemplating the metaphysical and paradoxical, but I’m often disappointed with the lack of people around me who share my interests.
    I’ve always suspected that governments feign stupidity, using their knowledge so they can keep their positions of power and get away with things that they wouldn’t otherwise… but I don’t want to believe any theories I develop without learning all the facts first.
    Good post! 🙂

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