Random Thoughts

I understand that in theory competition is good. However, are 500 different smartphones really necessary?

It’s mind-blowing that JC Penney’s effort to lower prices didn’t work; and people prefer a higher price with coupons in order to purchase the same product at its formerly everyday low price.

Great Britain is looking at combining DNA from three adults in the production of a single child. Ethical issues aside, this means that each teenager may be able to drive three people nuts.

Did anyone actually see all those cicadas the news was talking about this spring?

Which is more weird – seeing the movie star ten years after their last film with no makeup OR the first time seeing a picture of your parents when they were in high school?

Governments have statutes of limitations that limit how long someone may be charged with a crime or sued. The exceptions are serious crimes, such as murder, and political incorrectness.

Remember in the 1960s when fighting pollution meant reducing the carbon in the air? Now they’re looking forward to an increase in the carbon to mitigate the greenhouse effect.

Fifty years ago the phone companies dropped exchange names, like “Greenwood” in favor of all numeral telephone numbers. The post office introduced zip codes and people were afraid that they’d become just numbers. Of course when you have names like “Moon Unit,” “Blanket,” “Ke$ha,” and “North” perhaps being known by a number is better.

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