Federal Furlough Friday

Federal Furlough Friday

I get a three day weekend every week for the next eleven weeks, HOWEVER, the extra day will be without pay.

In the meantime, here are a few HOWEVERs I learned from the mainstream media.

Justin Bieber, was videoed urinating in a mop bucket, HOWEVER, he did call Bill Clinton to apologize.

Fish oil is going to kill me through prostate cancer, HOWEVER, having cancer may save me from Alzheimers.

My cats are going to kill me through microbes in their litter box, HOWEVER, they make great companion animals for people who are dying.

Americans, are exercising more, HOWEVER, they’re still getting more obese.

To lose weight many people drink diet soda, HOWEVER, it may actually make you crave more calories.

I could write more, HOWEVER, I’m out of ideas.

3 responses to “HOWEVER

  1. Don’t whine,been there done that., cuts in benefits, and then riffed. Be glad you have a job. Reduced or not. I like you have a family and UE does not cover Cobra. Still looking for a job. Hang in there.

    • Jim,
      Don’t worry, I’m counting the blessing side of the ledger more attentively than the other – but the discussion needs to happen. If the attitude was “we all are in this together and we need to tighten our belts” everyone would pitch in. On the other hand, when Congress creates a poison pill to cause themselves to take action, and then can’t get their act together, I think the subject needs exploring.

      A great bit on NPR yesterday in which the author of a new book hypothesized that the federal and state governments are becoming irrelevant. Instead it is the city governments that are making a difference, creating jobs and reinventing themselves. You might be able to find it on the site. Pretty thought provoking.

      73 and all the best,

  2. America, land of contradictions. Federal unemployment was cut more deeply than any other sector to my understanding – 16.8%, ouch. These folks don’t understand supply and demand, long-term unemployed must be lazy and need a boot. I’m here to say that might be true for the same percentage of the unemployed population as it is for the Congressional population that is getting sweet benefits and acting obstructionistically at every opportunity.

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