Photographs and Memories*


When I was a student X-Ray Technologist, I paid the bills by photographing weddings. I had a Mamiyaflex 2 ½” film camera for the formal photos but for most of the action shots I used a Nikon Photomic Ftn 35 mm camera. This was the camera upon which the legends of the 1970s were built. Vietnam. Laos. Birmingham. Apollo 15. Yes, there was the occasional Leica, but Nikon’s ruled. I did good work – in some cases I was invited back to photograph all the daughters of the family. When the youngest was married, I could then be called to document the oldest second marriage. (Please note – although I so wanted to be an artist, I never was. I shot the same set of photos for every wedding having perfected the technique for minimizing the time needed between the ceremony and the reception.)

After that I took very few pictures, because photography had become a job – no longer a pleasurable activity.

As my “second litter” has grown, I’ve taken many pictures, particularly at my kids’ soccer game. This time around I’ve used a Sony camera, which has been outstanding. Sony, apparently purchased Minolta (another fine camera from the 1970s) and I have been very pleased.

I’ve used the same Sony camera for four years. I’ve put thousands of shots through it. Someday it’s going to reach the end of its life – the question is – will it do so before me, or vice versa? In anticipation of that day I periodically look at the advertisements for cameras. I confess, the Nikons still immediately catch my attention.

It’s like the memories and feelings you have for your first love.

I don’t know how this story will end, but if nothing else, I find the process interesting.

* with no apologies, but fond memories of Jim Croce.

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