How Much Faith Do You Need?

prayIf you had faith the size of the proverbial mustard seed; if your faith could in fact move mountains, would you be better off?

As I go through life enjoying its blessings and facing its challenges, I frequently remind myself that God has always taken better care of me than I could ever do myself. His plans have truly prospered me.

However, I wonder what it would be like if I went through life without any worries because of complete faith in God. Somehow it just doesn’t seem real.

On the other hand, as each challenge or crisis arises before me my first reaction is very human. Maybe I feel fear. Maybe anxiety. Maybe just openmouthed shock.

Then I catch my breath and turn to God, and profess my love for Him and my faith in His will and proceed to live life, face the challenge and listen for God’s guidance.

In my case, I believe that it is a profession of faith to turn to God each time. To be aware of the challenge, and consciously place this crisis, this time in God’s hands.

There may be some who have such powerful faith in God that nothing bothers them. I’m not one of them.

But then I think of Jesus – who had no lack of faith – praying alone in the Garden of Gethsemane.

I think He taught us exactly how to turn to God when we’re troubled.

2 responses to “How Much Faith Do You Need?

  1. Your article, Steve, on “simple” faith is “simply” profound. I work with a genius population of students at Caltech here in Pasadena (with IQ’s of 150 or higher) to work on their social skills and “common sense,” which is not all that common for any of us–especially me. Recently a 14 year-old brought forth a conversation about faith…in God and the parallel in one’s work.

    So in making it a class discussion, we offered “faith in God” as an open topic for all students to voice their views. One student said, “I’ve always been baffled how people who truly seem to believe and have faith are willing to accept that Christ should be something, but will not totally consent that Christ should be everything.” There was no discussion, and all I could say
    that’s part of being human and fallible.

    Another rather unique comment was “All heaven is interested in the Cross of Christ, all hell terribly afraid of it, while man is the only being who more or less ignores its meaning. Is there true faith without knowledge of Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross?” I–like You, Steve–cited the “faith of the mustard seed” parable as a starting point for trust in God.

    Then, another perhaps more pragmatic student said: “If our heart takes more pleasure in reading novels, watching TV, or going to the movies, rather than just sitting alone with God, sharing His cares and concerns–then how are we going to handle forever and ever in His presence…? We’ll be bored to tears in heaven, if we’re not ecstatic about God now?”

    Genius profundity, common sense, or simple faith?

  2. I think that’s so true, God does take better care of us than we can take care of ourselves. He always knows what we need. Wise words. Thanks

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