Where’s the Class?

We used to have a concept to which people aspired. It was called “class.”


Young boys were taught to be gentlemen and girls to be ladies. People with class were not inclined to draw attention to themselves for the sake of doing so. They might gain attention because of their ability with music or art or their ability as a leader. It was their accomplishments that garnered attention. Nevertheless, they had class.

George Washington often signed his letters as “Your Most Obedient Servant.”

These days we apparently have replaced “class” with “crass.” It seems like people will do anything, and I mean anything, to get attention.

The call today is, “Look at me! Look at me!”

I guess I could understand how someone living in a dilapidated doublewide without indoor plumbing might dream of having their own reality television show. On the other hand, what’s with the antics of celebrities who are already household names?

“Look at me! I’m in rehab!”

“Look at me! I shoplift!”

“Look at me! I made a sex tape!”

I guess that inside the wealthy celebrity dwells the soul of someone living in a dilapidated doublewide without indoor plumbing.

That would explain a lot.

One response to “Where’s the Class?

  1. Humility in Christ Jesus is what I was taught, never the less, as I grew into my own rebellion, I didn’t want attention, but received it anyway. These others who are constantly seeking attention, are searching for Truth, but blinded by Satan and their own stubborn hearts toward God. Pride is the source and they like Satan want all the attention. God will not share His glory and we need to remember how we, who are in Christ are not good, but only God is good as we have the Holy Spirit of God. What is lacking is in the hearts, for this is a war not of flesh and blood, but a spiritual warfare. We need to continue to tell the gospel message of Christ and pray for those who are dead.

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