Bob Peters, Teabag Congressman, and a Really Great Guy

Hi, I’m Congessman Bob Peters, and represent the third district of Pennsyltucky.  I’m here today to remind you that I’m proud to be a teabagger and am fighting for you by fighting against big government and government spending.  This is no game.

Speaking of games, what about those Red Dogs?  What a great game last Sunday. I sat there in a beautiful loge with some lobbyists and Political Action folks eating a gourmet meal and the finest bottle of wine I’ve ever tasted.  I love sharing the benefits of the upper 1% and am committed to keeping their taxes as low as possible.  No sitting on cold bleacher seats for me!

The stadium is beautiful and a benefit to the community, which is why the city used taxpayer money to build that stadium and subsidizes our football team.*

I left the game and drove miles on our federally funded interstate system on my way to the airport, which is also built with taxpayer dollars.  Government funded Transportation Security Agency people checked me through while others x-rayed the baggage to be loaded in the cargo hold.  Soon I was boarding my flight.  That airplane and the pilots are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, and our entire flight was tracked and directed by Federal Air Traffic Control.  We were delayed in taking off because the federally funded National Weather Service predicted some turbulence after an Air Force Reserve stormhunter plane flew through a tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico and reported its findings to the federally funded National Hurricane Center.

Our arrival into Reagan National Airport – an airport maintained primarily to make life easier for us members of Congress was almost delayed as federal authorities checked a suspicious package left in the terminal.  I got into my car, parked in the special ‘reserved for Congress” section of the parking lot and drove over taxpayer supported streets to my office in the federally funded Sam Rayburn Office Building. I picked up a few things and took the federally funded Capitol Subway System to the US Capitol. This special and exclusive subway system helps me be more efficient.

I walked into the hallowed halls of the Capitol and headed over to the Congressional gym for a quick workout and a shower.  Thank heaven that the gym is essential and kept open during the government shutdown.

Now I’m ready to make my next speech against government spending.

* Incidentally,thanks to Congress, the National Football League is considered and taxed as a non-profit philanthropic organization.

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