Yet Another Lesson

Monet Autumn in Argentuil

Autumn in Argentuil

I spent most of today driving to visit with my father who is in the hospital. I’ve still got a few hours to go in the morning, so I’m writing this from a hotel room.

Sometimes my prayers are very clear. Long ago I learned that God’s plan for me is better than my own, so I don’t present Him with a list of my current wants. Instead, I pray to trust Him enough to let go of my own concerns, fears or desires. Today my thoughts were a bit jumbled and I was forced to just be quiet as I drove.

I had a sense, that I’m going to relate as though it were spoken.

“Look at the trees,” He said as I drove through Virginia. “As the leaves die, they take on their most gorgeous colors. During the summer, they all wore the same basic green, but at the end, each has a slightly different hue. Some are red; others orange or gold or brown.”

I thought He was telling me that there is a beauty in passing from one phase to the next.

I’m glad I was listening.

2 responses to “Yet Another Lesson

  1. Blessings to your father, Steve, and to YOU.

    • Rick,
      Most of the time your comments need no reply. They’re a thoughtful next step to my thoughts and scribblings.

      However, you have been with me spiritually through thick and thin. Through victory and suffering. I thank you for that.

      It will be most interesting in the next life to see how our efforts – yours on the west coast and mine to the east – have intertwined in the overall scheme of things.

      My father moved into a retirement home since last time I was here. I’m staying in his place; it’s very strange knowing this is where he lives but he’s not here.

      He was thrilled that I got here.

      Thanks for your support, and Christ’s blessings.

      Su amigo,

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