Why Do Newspapers Do That?


Newspaper subscribers are declining in number, which has caused some newspapers to publish less frequently and many to shift to online content.

Those who get their news from printed newspapers tend to be older and are looking for more traditional journalism – fact based and objective.

So, if that is what the print media buying public wants, why don’t the newspapers cater to them?

Yesterday I read a story in a newspaper about the Typhoon that devastated the Philippines. Somehow I can’t see the cigar smoking reporter of yore with a press card tucked into the hat band on his fedora writing about George Clooney’s reaction to the storm.

One response to “Why Do Newspapers Do That?

  1. Hola Steve, and continued blessings and success B2U!

    I agree with you about newspapers. They are in decline, people are “spot-checking” and “clicking” online when they see something of interest. And it is the elder group of persons wanting “traditional journalism” who continue to read the daily’s.

    Unfortunately, Steve, it’s the newspapers, themselves, who are the news these days: Their “context” cannot deliver the “content” with any integrity
    in order for their intended primary or pass-along audience to believe them.
    These days, it seems, even general interest articles have a political bias.
    And, most unfortunate, these last 15 years or so have seen newspaper publishers cater to the “readers-know-best-what-they-want” dictum.

    With great respect, readers don’t know best: The publisher who launches
    the publication must know what a body of people “need” or enjoy reading–
    even and especially if readers don’t. YOU, Steve, are a perfect example.

    Many years ago, you knew healthcare and radiology administration needed
    to laugh…at themselves…at all their follies…at all their meetings that did nothing and went nowhere…at all the “mute” conversations about money,
    technology, personnel, dealings with consultants who knew nothing, etc.
    So, you created a 20-year editorial satire column known as Pandemonium General Hospital. Readers didn’t know they wanted and needed your writings. Yet, it’s the first thing they read. Some wrote scathing letters because they thought you were talking about them. Most letters-to-the-editor you received were delighted with hilarity you brought them.

    The fix for newspapers is unbiased, apolitical, meaningful, purposeful CONTEXT and CONTENT. There continues to be a love of learning in America–especially interpersonal stuff when it comes to people relationships. And readers want to hold what they enjoy reading. Enter America’s newspapers…and writers like Steve Nowak.

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