Daily Archives: November 23, 2013


I’ve got several blogs mostly written – which is quite unusual for me. However, none of them feel right just now.

My father’s physical condition continues to ebb. It’s slow, but visible. We all know he’s dying.

The good news is twofold; first that we’re experiencing it together and second that I believe that I’ll be able to go back to visit him at least once more before he leaves this world. Once he got settled into the rehab hospital, I’ve been able to talk with him on the phone regularly. Every time we have a few good minutes to talk is a blessing.

I know I’m straddling the link between my parents and their generation on one side and my children’s generation on the other. What makes this challenging is that my children range from 38 to 13 – literally two generations.

Moses was eighty-something and settled into his routine with his wife, family and goats when God called him.

Abram and Sarai were well past my age when they were called to serve.

I know God’s got everything figured out.

However, faith, up close and personal is a different experience from the intellectual discussion of faith.