What’s This World Coming To?


An investment banker embezzled and lost millions of dollars defrauding over 100 investors.

He faked his own suicide.

He was then declared dead by a judge.

Today the police found and arrested him.

I’m absolutely shocked that an investment banker would stoop so low, and I’m sure that Bernie Madoff, the folks at Lehman Brothers, AIG, Bear Stearns, Countrywide, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac etc., etc. are shocked as well.

2 responses to “What’s This World Coming To?

  1. After reading your “shocking, fraud, embezzlement” blog, I feel a bit silly wishing you another Happy and Prosperous New Year. And, As much as we need a prosperous New Year, we also need a “prosperity of kindness and decency.”

    I’m pleased to see that at least one person–YOU–is still shocked at how there are persons of greed, evil, selfishness, conflict, and ill-will– would rather steal than work, take than give, and hurt than heal. Yet, these few “counterfeits” must not take our confidence that most of us are good.

    • Rick,
      My desire is to wield the spotlight of truth. (Sorry to sound melodramatic.)

      The smart investment banker who took the money and ran ended up with nada, zip, zilch and is headed to prison.

      The poor schmuck single mom who works and demands her kids do their homework, or the traditional family that sticks together in a blue collar neighborhood and lifestyle don’t have the yachts, mansions or whatever.

      But they do have what really counts.

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