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The Unintended Hero


National Geographic

National Geographic

Stories – especially those stories that are dear to us geeks – tend to include the individual upon whom a great challenge is thrust.

Frodo accepting the responsibility for the one ring.

Arthur, pulling the sword from the stone.

Spiderman, realizing that with great power comes great responsibility.

But, then again, how many real heroes arise from the well-bred, privileged who are raised to assume greatness?

It was not the strong attractive sons of Jesse who were anointed king, but David, the shepherd.

There is no guarantee that the children of Ford or Rockefeller or Biltmore will do great things.

However, there is the very real chance that among normal, plain people like you and me, there is some calling or some act we’re called upon to do that will make a difference.

It may seem insignificant in and of itself, but like a pebble falling from the top of a mountain, it may start an avalanche. Such is the way of God. If you are selected to be such a pebble, throw yourself into His will with a vengeance.