They’re Baaack!*


A few thoughts now that Congress is back in session:

  1. The skills and capabilities needed to be an effective elected official have nothing in common with the skills needed to get elected.

    During the campaign, voters are attracted to a combination rock star and rich uncle,

    But a good public servant is closer to a Benedictine Monk (complete with vow of poverty) who is also a Certified Public Accountant.

  1. Our servicemen and women gain our respect because they are willing to die for our nation;

    Our politicians, on the other hand, earn our disdain because they are prepared to sell out the rest of the nation to benefit their own congressional district.

    *and you put them there.

One response to “They’re Baaack!*

  1. Rick Martinez.for

    You’re right, Steve, they’re back. It’s election year. It used to be said the only things certain were death and taxes. Today we can add the liberal democrat rhetoric during an election year of hiking the minimum wage, immigration reform, extension of unemployment pay again, adding more jobs to government, and how government spending is a worthy cause for even more entitlements. We hear this each and every election year. And why do we hear this each election year from the same politicians? Because WE put them there!

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