Daily Archives: January 14, 2014

Better Late than Never

Today my father would have turned 86; my brother and sister are holding a memorial for him at the church where he prayed for most of his later life. I won’t be there; it’s a twelve hour drive each way and I used my leave/bereavement time to visit with him while he was alive. Both he and I preferred that.

Since he died in early December, I’ve found that he continues to teach me – a lot. I think that having the chance to reflect and process things is allowing me to better appreciate him. Teenage children never appreciate their parents’ sense of humor. I now realize how amusing he was. I can now appreciate the special bond he and my mother had, and why that worked so well. Oh, I realized these things before, but now I can truly take them to heart.

I realize how special it was that I was the last person with whom he prayed, and that I prayed over him as he died.

Better yet, I know now that he and my mom are the ones who are now praying over me, my brother and sister and all our family.

That I really appreciate.