Daily Archives: January 31, 2014

Which Network for Alex?

Alex claims that this is his good side

Alex claims that this is his good side

It was a busy day, so even though I was home I did not spend much time with Alex the parrot. This evening, Alex made up for it by sitting on my shoulder and jabbering incoherently. It reminded me of various political “news” programs where the guests and hosts each speak loudly and boldly without regard to what the other people are saying, have said, or are trying to say.

As such an experienced pundit, Alex is available, but the usual fees are not adequate. Since his life span is expected to be about 15 years – the same as a dog, the multiplier of 7 is thereby appropriately applied to whatever your “experts” are paid.

Sorry, Alex does not author any work. He provides only as Studs Terkel appropriate spoken presentations.

As his agent, all checks should be made out to me. Thank you.