The Decline of Ketchup


Food Network

Food Network

Once upon a time, kids put ketchup on everything. Or was that Catsup? Or for those in New Zealand, Tomato Sauce.

Alas, Ketchup, regardless of spelling, has fallen from its lofty throne.

Salsa has made major incursions, but surprisingly, it’s mayonnaise that is currently on top.

Not surprising, actually. For the past few years, ketchup has tasted sweeter and sweeter. Is it my aging baby boomer palette, or is it because sugar is cheaper than tomatoes to add to the mixture? On the other hand, there’s mayonnaise and then there are flavored mayonnaises. Herbed mayonnaise. Spicy mayonnaise and even anchovy mayonnaise. Definitely not sweet.

My son reports that high schoolers put mayonnaise on pizza. Not my style.

I tend to use various mustards on sandwiches, and salsa makes a great salad dressing on top of its more traditional uses. Ketchup – not so much. Now I just may have to try the more interesting mayos.

(Hey, it’s a blog. Every post is not going to be based on a Pulitzer Prize winning idea.)

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