A Well Known Story from a Different View


Imagine a well-known story told from the perspective of someone who was there.

My friend, your family is well? Good! How about business? Wonderful! Now, please, make yourself comfortable, eat. Would you like some wine? Good!

Speaking of wine, let me tell you a story you won’t believe. We had a wedding in town recently – the usual – everybody – and I mean everybody – was there. I got there a bit late because of a business trip, and guess what, they ran out of wine. Can you believe it? A couple of the guys I know from temple, who obviously had helped them run out had to tell me that it had been incredible wine, and I should have got there earlier. I ignored them, but I felt kind of bad for the families – how embarrassing.

Anyway, and I swear this is true – remember, I hadn’t even had so much as a sip of wine, so I was as clear headed as I could be. I look over and there with some of the guests from over Nazareth way, I see a woman talking to her son. I know these people. I used to do business with her husband. Good carpenter – quality workmanship and a fair price. Anyway, back to the wedding.

“They have no wine,” she told her son, but her tone wasn’t just conversational. It was as if she wanted him to do something, like go out and buy some more. He seemed a little bit embarrassed.

“What concern is that to me, mother?” he replied, “It’s not yet my time.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but when my mother “hints” at something I better listen. After all, there is no one more insistent than a Jewish mother. Next thing I see her telling the wine steward to do whatever her son asks.

So, I’m watching to see what happens. I saw the servers come in with the big water jars – not wine ampules – those huge stone jugs. The wine steward dips his cup into the water jug and his expression is one of total shock. My friend, I swear this is true! Apparently, they’re not filled with water, but with wine. I swear it’s the truth!

And talk about wine! I have never tasted anything so fine. It was amazing! I pride myself on knowing my wine, but this was to die for!

I’m not sure what was going on, but I swear – keep an eye on this guy. Yeshua, Jesse, Jesus, whatever.

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