College Sports

Michael Jordan at Boston Garden

I overheard a conversation today.

The speaker was bemoaning the fact that it’s unfair that college students who play “those other” sports get athletic scholarships just like those who play football and basketball.

They don’t bring in any money! Why should they get a scholarship?


And while we’re at it, those pesky geeks who get academic scholarships? What’s with that?

One response to “College Sports

  1. Your point, Steve, is one well taken and understood. Personally I do not begrudge either those who find fortunes, or those who are fortunate.

    What I’ve seen and learned over the years is this. Fortune has rarely condescended to be the companion of genius. And love, faith and hope applies to all areas and stages of life: God is not loved “without” reward; God is loved without the “thought” of reward.

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